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How to make a Donut Tote with Puffy Paint

Sweeten your accessories with a cute donut tote that’s easy to make and easy on the eyes! Craft Box Girls will show you how to add a delectable touch to a simple tote bag using felt, Puffy Paint and Aleene’s Fabric Fusion.

What you need:

  • Puffy 3D Paint

  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

  • Tote bag

  • Felt in desired colors

  • Scissors

  • Letter stencils

  • Pencil

  • Trim in desired color

  • Scratch paper

  • Tape

  • Circular items for tracing

Step 1

What do you need

For this easy project, you don’t need to track down a special pattern, you can make a circle with a center cutout by tracing any circular items onto a piece of scratch paper and cutting it out. For the frosting, use whatever circular item you traced for the center of the donut, and just make a wavy line for the outer edges of the frosting.

Step 2

Trace circular items and cut out

Once you have your patterns created, use a pencil to trace them onto felt, then cut out. Iron your tote so it’s nice and smooth before gluing the pieces in place.

Step 3

Glue circle felt pieces onto tote

Use Fabric Fusion to glue your large circle onto the center of your tote, then glue the frosting piece on top of the circle.

Step 4

Cut out letter stencils

Next decide what you want your tote quote to say and cut out the letter stencils needed.

Step 5

Arrange stencils around donut

Arrange the letter stencils around the donut and tape down to help hold in place.

Step 6

Lightly trace letters onto tote

Use your pencil to lightly trace the letters onto the tote bag, using the stencils as a guide.

Step 7

Remove stencils and prep paints

Remove the letter stencils and get ready to paint!

Step 8

Outline designs with Puffy Paint

Working from the top of the tote down (so you don’t run the risk of smearing paint by working in different directions), outline your lettering and donut with Puffy Paints in whatever colors you like!

Step 9

Let tote dry flat

Don’t forget to add sprinkles to your donut!

Step 10

Glue trim along top of tote

Add a finishing touch to your tote by gluing vibrant trim across the top edge. Let the tote dry flat until the glue and paint are completely dry.

Step 11

No-Sew Donut Tote

Is anyone else craving something sweet right now?

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